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Artist Statement

Inspired by my transition from female to male, my work focuses on the relationship between gender and adornment as well as how culture affects that relationship. My process and techniques are driven by DRAG Kings/Queens as well as contemporary culture and art. I use materials typically associated with femininity to adorn objects usually associated with masculinity. The masculine objects are items that have historical reference to masculine professions, dress, or sports. Over time these objects have been symbolically appropriated by women even though they were specifically created for men.

A large part of my inspiration comes the concept of physical transition. This part of my work has developed into a social practice and my obsessive need to create. There is rarely a point at which anything is “complete” and my installations are made in pieces that can be broken up based on display restrictions but can also be added to over time. There is a misunderstanding that a person can “complete” their transition when it is in fact a never-ending process.

Because of the immense amount of work that goes in to some of these projects I need help to meet deadlines. I decided to use this to help my community. I have LGBT individuals from my local community come to my studio to help and in return bring food or offer tutoring in school work when possible. That way I am helping my community more directly rather than just showing art as an advocate.

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